Kimpton Goodland hotel in Santa Barbara

I am one of those people who would rather see and experience new places when travelling than always return to the same place. And if I am visiting a familiar place I don't want to return to the same hotel/Airbnb apartment even though they were really nice. I just like to see and feel new things. Well, that was before I went to The Kimpton Goodland in Santa Barbara last weekend. That hotel is right up my alley with its cool interiors, relaxed atmosphere and fun amenities. This is the first hotel that I would easily return to.

I don't think I can praise the Kimpton Goodland enough - but I'll try ;) I do have to also say, that to appreciate the hotel (and feel you're getting your moneys worth), you should be (at least a little bit) into pretty interiors, relaxed atmosphere and visuality. 

First of all, the hotel is shaped like a motel, which is really cool. I love the two-storey layout where the pool area is the center of everything. The great practical thing about it is that you can park your car in front of your room! We didn't have a pool view so our car was directly in front of our window. Not the prettiest view, but very handy especially when travelling with kids. 

There's all kinds of cool little details. Like the hotel has it's own vinyl record shop, a vintage-style record player and vinyl in every room (yes, I'm not fooling ya!), yoga by the pool on weekends (and a yoga mat in each room) and a DJ spins records by the pool on weekend afternoons. The yoga was very nice and the DJ really spiced up the pool hanging. But the music wasn't too loud or the atmosphere too party-party either so we could easily be there with our three-year-old (us parents sipping drinks from the bar of course ;) ). 

The hotel restaurant Outpost is not your classic fine dining hotel restaurant, but rather a very laid-back and current with a very SoCal inspired menu including bao buns and halibut tacos, and ocean-to-plate entrees, oysters and ceviches, accompanied by a local craft brew or Central Coast wine. Me likey! And they have a kids menu as well. The restaurant seemed very popular so I would suggest a reservation. We actually ate our dinner in the patio of the Good Bar which was very convenient because it was quite quiet and our daughter could play in the sofas and us adults had a peaceful dinner - really appreciated!   

The hotel is located in Goleta, a 10-minute drive from downtown Santa Barbara. Next to the hotel there are quite a bit of services including gas station, grocery stores, some cafes and restaurants etc. We spent the mornings at the hotel (yoga, swimming), the days in Santa Barbara and spent the evening again at the hotel (swimming & drinks by the pool and having dinner at the Outpost). Worked really well for us. 

All of the above combined with the pretty pretty beach/surfing/SoCal inspired interiors is just the bomb. Oh, and did I mention that the mountains serve as a backdrop to the hotel. Very cool. A big thumbs up from our family to Kimpton Goodland! We'll be back!