California Dreaming mural in LA


To me it feels so natural to go to places which which just look pretty and it is an experience for me to see those places and I love photographing them. But I do also understand that it must have felt a bit funny to my husband when he was driving me, my daughter, my mom, my aunt and my cousin around LA to see different walls ;) But I mean, c'mon, isn't this wall in the pictures the coolest mural you've ever seen? 

Another funny thing about going to see this particular wall was to see my daughter get so excited about it! She saw it and instantly run in front of it and started making different poses while screaming "Let's stay here for a looooong time!". When I went in front of the wall and said that I feel very awkward and don't know where to put my hands and what to do with my legs when being photographed - she advised me like she was an expert in these things "Mom, just take a position you like and smile!". She can be so cute and funny! 

Los Angeles can be a very tricky holiday and travelling destination because everything is so far away from each other and these fun spots are scattered all over. I've had this wall location in mind for a long time and finally we went somewhere close-by so we could drive here on the way there.  Definitely worth the drive though!

The California Dreaming wall can be found here: 3485 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016