Alfred Tea in Los Angeles


I've always been a big tea drinker, a big fan of pretty spaces and have always had a liking to light pink and all things cute. AND my new passion is Boba tea.  So you can imagine when I heard about Alfred Tea Room that specifies in teas and Boba teas and is all pink and pretty, I just knew I had to go there one day. I mean, just look at their Instagram account and you understand what I mean. It's a match made in heaven for me. If I lived close to Alfred Tea I'm sure I would go there every day. Luckily I can get Boba tea from closer to home too as it is quite a trendy drink here at the moment. But the best Boba's I've had have been the Alfred Tea and the Urth Cafe Peppermint Bobas. Also Alfred's Matcha Boba was nice! Alfred started as a coffee chain and seem to own the famous 'But first coffee' slogan. 

Boba is a Taiwanese tea-based drink. It is a milk tea that has chewy tapioca balls (known as bubbles, pearls, or boba). Some of them can be very sweet, but I like those which are a bit less sweet. Maybe that's why the peppermint is my favourite so far, because that is not a sweet one. 

Have you tried boba tea? Or visited the lovely Alfred Tea Room?